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 - Mewtwo

"Darkrai, 252 Speed EV's, Timid Nature, Dark Void, Nightmare."


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    Darkrai, 252 Speed EV's, Timid Nature, Dark Void, Nightmare.
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    Mewtwo: Me First, Miracle Eye, Psystrike, Sleeptalk.
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    Gen 1 Mewtwo would whale Darkeais ass in two fuckingbseconds because dark wouldn't sister; ghost wouldn't affect it, and its special attack and defense would be one stat. SO BASICALLY YOU'RE GONNA GET FUCKD OVE BY PSYCHIC AND ITS ONLY WEAKNESS IS THE SHITTY SHIT KNOWN AS THE SHITTY FUCKIN BUG TYPE. SO GET YOSELF A DAMN GEN ONE MEWTWO CAUSE ALL RHE ORHERS JUST AIN'T THE SAME BITCH

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